The All New Wisdom 2.0: Cloud Native Open Data.

product Oct 01, 2020

During a uniquely tumultuous 2020, we’ve been hard at work delivering Wisdom's biggest update yet — and I’m thrilled to finally share it with you.

We’ve improved nearly every aspect of Wisdom and added ton of new features. I’ll expand on some of these below, but you should probably just try it for yourself:

Open Data

PostgreSQL Database

  • Each organization is provisioned one physically isolated AWS RDS PostgreSQL 12 database, fully managed. Servers are provisioned within a carbon neural green data center within Ireland for maximum regulatory compliance. Your server is fully scalable across RAM + CPU + Storage up to 1 TB.
  • Multiple PostgreSQL users are provisioned to help make quering as easy as possible. For example, use the read_org_7 user to read all data across all projects for Org #7. Use the read_project_45 user to read project level data for project #45, separated out using "Row Level Security" (RLS) filtered on the projectId field.
  • Reuse community contributed SQL queries using Wisdom's innovative Github synced reports community_types."@wisdom/developing/hello-world"

AWS S3 Object data Access

  • Save Costs with per GB storage billing
  • Custom Data Retention rules, per data type.
  • Download Mp4/Webm videos

Apache Superset Dashboards for all

Cloud Monitoring Metrics

Full insight into the status of your PostgreSQL database instance- with the same metrics AWS RDS pulls through from AWS CloudWatch.

New Scaleable pricing

With full data configuration and endless tracking customisations, we've made pricing simple and scalable for everyone: Just $199 per million page views and pass-though AWS infrastructure costs. Keep things predictable with per day billing analytics, broken down by service.

Security Innovation

Wisdom's Vault  utilizes a two factor authentication mechanism to secure all customer passwords on the webpage to protect against malicious 3rd party data exfiltration- including 3rd party JavaScript scripts, CSS exfiltration, and even most Chrome Extensions. Vault utilises a serverless, CORS protected off-page iframe, redundantly locked down with CSPs, iframe sandboxing, script nonces, static bare-bones JavaScript and CSS, HSTS, TLS 1.3, and padded RSA 4096 encryption, userId checking, data expiry, and timing safe equality checks. Even if Wisdom's web application is compromised, your web page secrets will be safe.

An all new Help Center

Your questions answered- search now powered by Algolia.

An all new Developer Tools

Now with Table Schemas, Storybook Components, Swagger API specs, and Nodejs code examples.

All New Onboarding

An Open and Growing Catalogue of Reports

We've got more than enough reports to get you and your team started- with new reports arriving every month. If we don't have what you're looking for, don't worry- creating new reports is as easy as using create-react-app.

Join the Wisdom Community

Get help crafting or reusing SQL queries, developing custom web reports, or just chat around the current state of product engagement analytics.

So, what are you waiting for?

Try out the new and improved Wisdom 2.0.


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