The Exhaustive Analysis Of Session Replay Tools (68)

session replay Dec 15, 2019

Update October 2020: With the launch of Wisdom 2.0, Wisdom is the first and only session replay analytics vendor to provide complete SQL and AWS S3 data access. Connecting to the broader data science ecosystem such as Python and R notebooks, dashboarding tools like Tableau and Looker, the possibilities with Wisdom are endless. As this article only considers the native capabilities of each vendor, this comparative analysis could be considered a moot point.

Session Replay tools have become a critical component in any web application's toolbox. Being able to debug what's working and what isn't working within your web product is a core principle of the lean startup movement (dare I say "agile"). From watching customer's who have churned, to those that successfully activated, being able to visually watch users, debug broken features, and interactively cobrowse with customers is now industry standard.

There are now almost 100 different vendors in the space offering what the industry calls "session replay". All session replay technology vendors promise of better UX outcomes. Naturally, every vendor supports replaying particular recorded sessions— however few vendors support the ability to analyse conversion bottlenecks, proactively detect struggling users, or even assist interactively with cobrowsing. The best vendors have carved out their own niche that supports their own view of the workflow a team should adopt into their core operational routine.

Customer focused cross-functional teams who have built a culture around studying customers will quickly realize that for any solution to succeed, it must fit across many different roles—collaboratively. For teams that have decided to incorporate session replay into their daily workflow, it's critical that any solution overcome 7 key challenges to efficiently realize lasting value.

Some challenges around deploying session replay, at scale, include:

  • It's difficult to analyse large numbers of individual visitor sessions.
  • It's time consuming to watch individual recordings and not every recording will provide valuable insights.
  • It's hard to properly configure various censorship controls
  • It's hard to understand and connect the entire journey of a user
  • Working as a team to reach 1% review coverage levels requires coordination and progress tracking.

We've rounded up the industry competition to lay down the various approaches major players have taken, while providing an exhaustive list of every session replay tool around the world we could find. Mind you our efforts are limited to services available in English— though we certainly hope to expand our scope in due time.

Judged Factors

  1. Aggregate Analytics — spotting trends to dive into.
  2. DevTools & Diagnostics — Helping developer teams catch and fix bugs.
  3. Customer Success — Reviewing key accounts likely to churn.
  4. Session Overload — Prioritizing which sessions to watch.
  5. Team Workflow — Working together for maximum audit coverage.
  6. Interactive Cobrowsing — Sharing mouse & keyboard controls.
  7. Censorship Controls — Configuring what to exclude and record.
  8. Pricing — Competitive pricing for a growing company on a budget.


Overall, the session replay industry has a very competitive market. Innovation is rapidly evolving on a monthly basis. Quite frequently, for early stage Wordpress sites and independent blogs, most vendors will suffice. Nearly all vendors provide a sensible free tier— quite often even when they don't publicly announce it. Many also include startup friendly pricing. Here is our analysis:

  • B2B/Dev: For cross functional B2B SaaS teams, Wisdom is a great fit for large, collaborative teams. Features such as the user profiles (product CRM), Slack integrated GIF export, and progress tracking, and session prioritisation, and Redux/devtools recording makes for a compelling solution.
  • B2C: For B2C eccommerce teams, HotJar is really great tool, combining marketing tools like NPS and heatmaps.
  • INDIE: For Wordpress websites, Inspectlet is really easy to setup, cost effective, has many easy configurations, and good enough analytics.
  • B2C/DEV: For developers of Vue based web apps, LogRocket has been a great with its relatively new developer tools tracking.


We draw in primary research on supported features, and sentiment data from multiple sources.

Source Comment

So, let's jump into the first section— aggregate analytics.

Aggregate Analytics

Part of what makes session replay analytics so compelling is the ability to take high level analysis and drill down into low level replays.


Heatmaps are one type of report that's always a crowd pleaser— great to visually explore where conversion drop-offs are occurring.

Heatmap Vendors
Wisdom, CrazyEgg, Fullstory, Inspectlet, hotjar, MouseFlow, UXCam

There are four major types of heatmap.

  • Clickmaps (click heatmaps) — visualizes where users are clicking the most.
  • Activity Maps (mouse position maps) — visualizes where mouse cursors spend the most time.
  • Scrollmaps (scroll heatmaps) — visualizes where users are spending the most time on the page.
  • Scroll Abandonment show how far down users scrol, spotting possible sources of abandonment.


Funnel Vendors
hotjar, Fullstory, MouseFlow, UXCam, Smartlook

Conversion funnel helps you to visualize and understand the flow through which a potential customer lands on your site and then takes a desired action (i.e. converts). The funnel visualization showing how many users complete each action.

Charts & Tables

Chart & Tables Analytics Vendors
Wisdom, Fullstory, Smartlook

Tables, graphs, and charts are an easy way to clearly show your user data.

Analysis Conclusion

CrazyEgg, Inspectlet, and HotJar have some of the best heatmaps, but overall, all the top vendors have realised the value of high level analysis, and managed to put engineering talent behind developing great analysis tools.

Rank Vendor Comment
1 CrazyEgg Main focus on heatmaps
2 Inspectlet -
3 HotJar Large focus on heatmaps
4* Wisdom Easy page navigation
4* Fullstory -

Console Logs

Wisdom, LogRocket, Fullstory, SessionStack

The console logs can be easily navigated to find the error message that you need and replay that particular moment in the session when the issue was registered.

Redux State & Action Tracking

Wisdom, LogRocket

Debugging React applications can be difficult, especially when there is complex state mutations. Redux action and state logging helps developers debug where things go wrong.

Network Performance Timing + APM

Wisdom, LogRocket, Fullstory

Application Performance Timing (APM) helps measure and monitor application performance and identify ways to optimize application performance. APMs often include network performance timing— the logging of all network requests/responses and their corresponding headers and body, with meta data like transfer size and timing waterfall.


Some of the trickiest bugs to reproduce include local persistence from localStorage, sessionStorage, and cookies. Storage mutation logging is a great tool when used with session replay.

Error Tracking

Wisdom, LogRocket, Smartlook, Inspectlet

Error monitoring can get increasingly complicated as you deal with bugs reported by users and your production team, which is why having an efficient error tracking workflow from the beginning is so important. Modern bug trackers add context by adding session replay and record stacktraces with code de-minified on the fly.

Analysis Conclusion

Rank Vendor Comment
1 Wisdom
2 LogRocket
3 Fullstory

Email Inbox


It's important to remember empathy within the email inbox. Part of mapping out the entire digital journey includes mapping out the email inbox of your users. Inbox tracking helps ensure you send the right emails at the right time, without being spammy. You may find malformed content or missing links in the email you are sending out to some emails.

User Profiles


Empathizing with the customers of your web application is critical do developing user-centric applications. Reviewing customer onboarding and customer churn is a delight when session replay is paired with a strong Customer Relationship Management system. While every sales team uses a CRMs like Salesforce, product development teams will stick to a combined CRM and session replay system.

Issue Feed & Collaboration


Analysis Conclusion

Rank Vendor Comment
1 Wisdom


Wisdom, Livesession

Prioritize the session based on the level of user involvement in a given session (user activity, number of clicks, number of pages visited) save time and help to find critical issue.



Rage Click, Churn, and Expansion.

Wisdom, Fullstory, Smartlook, Livesession

Visitors rage clicking on certain elements on your website is a good indicator of a UX error. Detecting and fixing such usability issues is crucial and help you to solve problems on your website faster and more efficiently.

Analysis Conclusion

Rank Vendor Comment
1 Wisdom
2 Livesession

Team Workflow

Exporting Sessions

Wisdom, hotjar

Collaborative Issue Feed


Team Progress


Analysis Conclusion

Rank Vendor Comment
1 Wisdom Export rendered GIFs, including to Slack. Sends GIF apology emails.
2 FullStory Saves session notes

Live Interactive Cobrowsing

Interactive cobrowsing, often loosely called screensharing, is the ability for a customer support agent to control the user's mouse and keyboard, and other features including drawing on the screen ("screen annotation"), and grabbing attention flares.

It's not uncommon for website users to ask for assistance when they get stuck. It's important to be able to send a cobrowsing request to a customer, share a mouse, and walk them through the issue they're having.

Interactive Cobrowsing Vendors
Wisdom, SessionStack

Analysis Conclusion

There isn't all that much competition in this area, with Wisdom seemingly being the only session replay vendor to provide interactive live cobrowsing.

Rank Vendor Comment
1 Wisdom Live interactive cobrowsing integration with Intercom, Zendesk

Configurations For Each Country

Rank Vendor Comment
1 Wisdom Graphical interface to set configs per country.

JavaScript Control: Function Hooks

Being able to sanitise and censor JavaScript events and objects is critical.

Tracking Configurations
Mouse Recording
Keyboard Input Recording
HTML Recording
Network Performance Recording
Cookie/Storage Recording
Redux Action & State Recording
IP Blocking
Traffic Throttling
Identity Verification
Element Censorship
URL Sanitization

Analysis Conclusion

There are a limited few vendors that support strong controls on tracking configurations. We're eager to see the industry adopt this new standard in controls over the coming years.

Rank Vendor Comment
1 Wisdom Has both country configs, and configuration with code.
2 LogRocket No country configs. Tracking only configured with code.


Time is money, and money is fuel in your startup’s growth engine for that next moonshot project. Here we cover competitive pricing for a growing company on a budget.

Free for Solo individuals & hobbyists

Free session replay tools are a great way for getting started on new projects. Thankfully nearly all vendors have a free or nominal pricing tier.

Rank Vendor Price
1. Wisdom 14 day history
2. HotJar 2K page views per day
3. Logrocket 1K sessions per month
4. FullStory 1K sessions per month
5. MouseFlow 100 sessions per month

Early Startup Program Discounts

Like the AWS startup credits program, some session replay vendors offer huge discounts to startups in accredited tech accelerators and name brand VCs. Wisdom in particular leads the way with up to 90% off.

Rank Vendor Price
1. Wisdom early stage startup program. Up to 90% off.
2. FullStory $2K annually for 100K sessions

Pricing Normalized to 1M Page Views, Per Month.

User recording software vendors typically all charge on a per page view or per session basis. A session is a visit, loosely limited up to around 15 minutes worth of page views. For B2C websites, often on average one session is equivalent to seven page views. We've gone ahead and normalized pricing for a website receiving one million page views per month.

Rank Vendor Price
1. Wisdom $100 per 1m page views/monthHotJar
2. HotJar $190
3. Mouseflow $800
4. FullStory $1000
5. LogRocket $1000

Analysis Conclusion

Rank Vendor Comment
1 Wisdom
2 HotJar

Wisdom is the cheapest all around vendor, quickly followed by HotJar. Price is more likely to be a bottleneck for B2C companies, whereas B2B companies have lower web traffic.

The Verdict: Top 5 Session Recording Finalists




Further Resources

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Visitor recording and session replay tools enable businesses to record, save and replay the interactions their

New Deprecations

In an industry exploding with innovation and competition, there are sure to be companies which for various reasons don't or can't stick around. Here are the deprecated companies we found.

Vendor Comment
Tamboo Failed to commercialize
SessionSquid Failed to commercialize
Jaco Aquired by WalkMe
SameState Failed to commercialize
UsabilityTools Failed to commercialize
Appsee Failed to commercialize
Visitpath Failed to commercialize
UXRecord Failed to commercialize

The Full Exhaustive List of Session Replay Providers (68)

The global list of every single session replay provider we could find.


Yandex.Metrica is one of the top three leading web analytics solutions in the world. Send any amount of data to Yandex.Metrica and handle it the way you want: adjust the sampling rate to get reports faster, or use unsampled data for maximum accuracy. Storage time is unlimited, too – no matter how much data you have.

From traffic trends to mouse movements –
get a comprehensive understanding of your online audience and drive business growth. Watch how people engage with your site – user clicks, scrolling, mouse movements and keystrokes are all recorded in a video. Identify roadblocks on the way to purchase, see the intent behind clicks, and get insights on how to improve user experience.


It’s not about Search— It’s about Discovery. At Wisdom’s core is the idea that relentlessly iterating and continuously improving the customer journey is the core workflow of modern SaaS- and that means querying app frictions and user frustrations must be as accessible and ubiquitous as SQL databases.

With Session Replay, DevTools logging and a product-focused CRM all rolled into one, Wisdom combines all the best front-end user monitoring tools to help your entire product team proactively uncover broken user experiences- because only a paying customer knows if it’s a bug or a feature. Wisdom brings together all the analytics, charts, heatmaps, video recordings, issue GIFs, user profiles, and mail tracking— everything to craft thrilling digital experiences.


Watchsend makes actionable software analytics that tells its users where problems are and how to fix them.

We notify you of key patterns where users drop off before completing important actions, users that frequently perform workarounds, and inactive screens and buttons.


WalkMe was founded in 2011 as a guidance and navigation tool and has since grown rapidly to meet the enormous demand for next-generation digital learning.

Session Playback helps you understand your users’ experiences like never before. Not only can you analyze a user’s every click, scroll, input and other action on your website, but you can go a step further by watching an accurate video-like re-creation of a user’s actual experience (a user session).

VWO: Visual Website Optimization

The VWO Experience Optimization Platform improves key business metrics by empowering you to easily discover insights, test ideas, and improve engagement - across the entire customer journey.

Notice a high drop-off from one stage of the funnel to the next? Want to know why the visitor did not submit the form? You can view session recordings for only those visitors who dropped off at a particular stage with a single click. VWO recordings are always on. This helps you understand friction points in a specific buyer, avatar, or persona journey. And easily identify opportunities for growth and testing with that segment.

Visitpath (Deprecated)

Visitpath is a real time website visitor tracking software program that allows website owners to monitor website visitor activity on their website.

ForeSee (Verint)

The world’s leading organizations trust ForeSee and ForeSee CX Suite to make sense of all these signals. To measure customer experience in the most meaningful way. And bring certainty to their CX programs.

See it as your customers see it: Unleash the power of visualization with ForeSee Replay.
Unable to replicate your customers’ digital CX issues? Find and fix problems more efficiently by watching digital replays paired with customer feedback.

UXRecord (Deprecated)

UX will make or break your success. We help you avoid costly decisions and improve your chances to succeed today.


Cloud/Self hosted visitor recording to see exactly what your users experience on your website. Major chunk of conversion drops are due to UI issues and we help you discover them.

Simple installation and configuration makes it so easy to use. Just copy and paste a javascript snippet on your webpage to start gathering insights.


UXCam was founded by a team of interdisciplinary experts. Our Co-Founders have backgrounds in UX, Mobile Development and Data Analysis. We saw the need for businesses to understand their users with an easy-to-use UX tool.

UXCam recreates videos of what users do on your app, allowing you to replay their journey and deeply understand the User Experience of your product.
UXCam automatically indexes every micro-interaction and provides an advanced filtering mechanism for this data. This enables you to easily search and find specific sessions.


With our platform, brands can test and measure user experience on websites, apps, and prototypes. We're the only all-in-one UX research tool.

Understand what's important to your customers, prioritize which product concepts should be pursued and communicate this with confidence to stakeholders with robust qualitative and quantitative UX insights from the people who matter most—your users.


userTrack is a product analytics tool designed to help you understand your user's behaviour. It helps in improving user experience and conversion rates. Lifetime license!

Unlimited everything: pageviews, recordings, heatmaps, number of domains tracked, number of servers you install userTrack on. The only limitation on how much data you store is given by your server configuration.


Userships comes packed with features that lets you analyze your data intelligently.

Userships records 100% sessions of how your users interacted with your website, web product or app. All User Sessions get a quick overview of all sessions for any user with easy to access user cards.


UserReplay is a customer experience analytics solution that enables businesses to discover the truth about customers digital experience, it combines replay of customer journeys with sophisticated analytics that identify customer struggles and monetize their impact and helps companies improve conversion, resolve technical and usability issues more quickly, recover lost customers and prevent fraud.

Engaging, high-fidelity replays provide a user-friendly view of the customer’s journey – including mouse movements and clicks. Unique timeline capability lets you instantly move backwards and forwards through a journey to see key events.


UsabilityTools was created by User Experience Designers fed up with web testing apps providing partial solutions.

The core value of UsabilityTools is combining power of remote usability research with lean philosophy. Secondary goal of co-founders was to make usability testing affordable for every researcher either amateur or professional.

Tamboo (Deprecated)

Convert more of your website visitors into customers with Tamboo's user behavior and analytics platform. Built for marketers, startups, and ecommerce businesses.


Smartlook is a qualitative analytics solution for web and mobile helping over 200,000 businesses of all sizes and industries answer the whys behind users actions.

Why do users churn, or why arent they using that feature? Eliminate the guesswork: always-on visitor recordings and heatmaps show real user behavior, while automatic event tracking and conversion funnels reveal trends in behavior. Not just numbers and graphs, Smartlook tells you why users behave the way they do.


At Siteimprove, we offer the world's most comprehensive cloud-based Digital Presence Optimization (DPO) software. The Siteimprove Intelligence Platform provides eye-opening insights that empower more than 7,000 teams to create higher quality content, drive better traffic, measure digital performance, and work towards regulatory compliance—all from one place.

To understand the importance of a delay of even one second, you need you put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Understand your visitors’ behavior by watching your page load sequence. Session Replay Video captures everything visitors see while the page is loading, so you get the visibility you need to pinpoint defects, improve performance, and foster collaboration between team members.


SessionStack helps teams understand and improve the quality of their customer support thanks to co-browsing, session replay, error notifications, troubleshooting insights, analytics, and reporting tools.

With SessionStack you can view, guide or take control of your customer’s screen. You can either watch live or replay the problems customers run into. You can share the support session with any team member for troubleshooting and debugging purposes. Valuable technical and user behavior information is readily available. You can create a collection of data that informs not only your support team but also your product and marketing teams.


SessionCam provides tools for session replay, heatmaps, funnels, form analytics, journey mapping, error reporting, struggle & anomaly detection.

Use session replay to see the website experience you actually deliver to your customers across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Watch exactly how users interact with your website to understand the problems, issues and errors that need to be optimized to improve your website usability (UX) and conversion. See mouse movements, clicks/taps, masked form input, page scrolling and mobile gestures like pinch, zoom, tap, double tap, swipe, tilt and screen resizing.


The SeeVolution Live Customer Experience Web Analytics provides live overlays that span the entirety of your tracked pages illustrating areas of high and low user activity, hot and cold spots, and asset analysis (links, images and forms). Rather than navigating away from the website to analyse visitor trends you'll see a movable, live traffic feed that lays transparently over the page you are tracking that very minute.

The Recorded Sessions tool provides an up close and personal view of your users experience. No buffers. Efficiently tweak specific scenarios: filter recorded sessions by country, number of pages viewed, and session duration. Don’t forget to save interesting sessions for further review, analysis, and comparison.


ScreenSquid records the screen of every individual visitor as they use your site.

See everything they do including mouse movements, scroll, clicks, and keypresses. You'll never wonder how visitors are using your site again.


Support your customer better by seeing exactly what they see.


TSFactory is a privately held software company that specializes in security software.
Located outside Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States, TSFactory has locations in London and Berlin with partners worldwide.

RecordTS records remote desktop sessions for employee and contractor activity auditing. Trusted by major hospitals, banks and corporations worldwide for their cybersecurity strategy.


Run professional Eye-Tracking tests online. Use your testers webcams to get results. Our software allows you to see what your users see.

Validate your designs with Eye & Mouse Recordings. See how people interact with your designs or mockups and start making decisions based on data not on "what looks better"


Reactflow highlights visual and logical reasons why your visitors are not turning into customers and ensure a seamless sales funnel to gain faster ROI.

Session replay is the most powerful tool for marketers, designers, and developers. Uncover errors and see why your users are getting frustrated and leave. Watch what is blocking or distracting your customers, Pivot and repeat.


Rayfeed is a simple way to gather audio and video feedback on your products and prototypes. No extensions needed! Works in latest browsers.

Validate and improve your website or prototype using video feedback from your customers.

Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric captures user behavior insights and uses machine intelligence to enable enterprises to meet their customer experience goals. From pixel perfect session replays to pinpointed and prioritized customer struggles, our goal is to remove the guesswork from identifying actionable opportunities and recovering lost revenue.

You'll be able to replay each user session that contributed to each statistic and opportunity identification. Quantum Metric's session replay is the most advanced replay engine. You'll be able to view a session exactly how your customer experienced it.


Ptengine is a complete marketing and analytics platform for smarter marketing and better results.

To understand what makes your customers happy you need to understand their behavior. Ptengine Insights give you everything you need to get a complete understanding of your visitors - heatmaps, user behavior, in-depth segmentation and much more - all in one place.


Notifyvisitors is simplest marketing automation software to send personalised push notifications and messages to customers.

What exactly visitors do on your site? NotifyVisitors user session recording allows you to view the visitor's session, scroll, type or navigate to different web pages and much more just like a movie clip. Through this, you can enhance the user's experience to gain more traffic to the website.


Using MouseStats suite, you will find most important sections and elements. You will find problems, confusions and troublesome aspects of your web pages. On the other hand, you will find lots of useless parts on your pages. Be objective.

MouseStats allows you to study your each single website visitor by watching the full browsing session as a recorded movie. Cursor movements, key-presses, and almost all your visistors interactions will be playbacked. What could be more clearer than the real user's behavior? You would be able to recognzie all the drawbacks and discover issues by using MouseStats Playbacks.


Mouseflow tracks clicks, mouse movement, scrolls, forms, and more. It shows an anonymized recording of the activity from each visitor on your site - just like CCTV. Best of all, you can filter sessions to find ones with user frustration, errors, compatibility issues, and much more!

This eliminates guesswork so you can take action sooner. And, it's fast, secure, mobile-friendly, and supports checkout, dynamic-content, or members-only pages.


Take back control with Matomo Analytics – a powerful web analytics platform that gives you and your business 100% data ownership and user privacy protection.

Session Recordings plays a pivotal role when you want to evaluate your user’s experience on your website with the ultimate goal to increase conversions from incoming traffic. It only takes a few seconds to setup on the pages you want to analyse and evaluating your recordings is effortless.


m-pathy optimizes the performance of your online processes based on data of thousands of clicks, touches, gestures and web form interactions from real website visitors. Receive directly provable and prioritized recommendations for the optimization of your website.

Our video playback visualizes all clicks, scrollings, mouse movements, touch gestures and keyboard inputs of the users on your website. This way you can understand and optimize real customer behavior.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange will help you answer the question of why 99% of visitors that visit your site never turn into customers. It's one of those tools that will have you wondering how you ever lived without it.

Lucky Orange will automatically create a recording of every visitor to your website. Quickly filter and segment recordings so you can see exactly why visitors are not converting. Out-of-the-box, Lucky Orange successfully records dynamic and member's only pages, including even the most advanced sites and single page apps.


Loop11 is a website user testing tool that enables you to identify navigational and usability issues of any website.

Testing a website or SaaS product is only worth doing when it’s done right. Usability testing can be expensive and time consuming. Loop11’s UX ninja’s will get you deeper insights, in half the time and at a fraction of the cost.


LogRocket lets you replay what users do on your site, helping you reproduce bugs and fix issues faster.

With LogRocket, you can replay problems as if they happened in your own browser. See everything that happened to a user in your app, without asking for screenshots or logs. LogRocket intelligently surfaces key moments of user frustration, and shows you how to improve.


Analyze what people do on your website. Watch session replays to improve your website conversion rate, debug web application or provide better support.

Easily search, segmentize, and replay high-quality session replay to analyze customer's behaviour across your sites and apps.

Journey View for Shopify

Journey View records their entire experience on your site. See their mouse movements, clicks, navigations, and more. User testing is a crucial element of any business' success. There's no other way to understand how real consumers think. With Journey View, you can see where your customers are getting stuck, or where they decide they don't want to make a purchase.

Journey View allows you to understand a customer's experience from start to end. It's better than any other analytics. Instead of numbers, you can see what's actually happening.


Jaco is an easy way to track, analyze and improve your product by tracking of user behavior.

Jaco is now fully integrated into WalkMe Visions
Starting July 1, 2018, Jaco will no longer be sold as standalone product. Since WalkMe's acquisition of Jaco in 2017, we've spent our time integrating
Jaco's state-of-the-art technology into WalkMe's analytics package.


Inspectlet records videos of your visitors as they use your site, allowing you to see everything they do. See every mouse movement, scroll, click, and keypress on your site. You never need to wonder how visitors are using your site again.

See exactly what users are looking for and how they use your site. Understand their mindset and increase your conversion rate. Discover where visitors are getting confused on your site and what's getting their attention.


Understand why your visitors are not converting -- Watch, quantify and solve your customers biggest pain points today.

Insightech's session replay isn't a normal video, it's a replication of your website in action, allowing you to watch and interact with real customer experiences. On top of that, overlay and compare key segments to take your analysis to the next level.

IBM Tealeaf

IBM Tealeaf offers customer experience analytics that help businesses optimize customer experience on sites and apps through actionable, AI-powered insight.

When customers love your sites and apps, they convert more at higher value, return more frequently and tell more friends. Get the insight needed to deliver great experiences at enterprise scale. With IBM Tealeaf customer analytics you can drive meaning into every visitor's every interaction.

Pros Cons
Consultant Support Expensive
Few Core Features
Not Dev Friendly


HumCommerce is an ecommerce conversion rate optimization tool. Use it to find the pain points of your store visitors and fix them to boost conversions.

Identify the pages in your ecommerce funnel where visitors are dropping off. Watch users interact with your website pages and find the reasons why visitors are dropping off and not buying.


Howuku is a free conversion rate optimization tools with visitor recording, website feedback tool, and heatmap to help you understand your website visitors.

Visually understand how your users interact with your site and how to optimize your website for success. Howuku tracks every mouse movement, click, scroll and keyboard strokes and let's you watch real videos of your users sessions from the moment they open your site till they leave.


Hotjar is a behavior analytics and user feedback service that helps you understand the behavior of your website users and get their feedback through tools such as heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys.

Recordings allow you to watch (anonymized) user sessions across your website, so you get to see where individual users actually get stuck, u-turn, and eventually abandon your page.


Glassbox supports customer experience optimization with solutions that include session replay of both web and native or hybrid mobile applications on a single platform.

With automatic capture of every moment – and no event creation needed – you can access historical customer experience analytics data at any time and find answers to questions you never thought of asking. Now, how smart is that?!


GhostRec is a service that allows webmasters to record the actions of his/hers visitors.

Usability Testing for your website. GhostRec records real visitors surfing your website without additional hardware or software.


On the Internet, data is plentiful but empathy is in short supply. At the core of FullStory lies session replay’s power to tie your analytics to real human experiences.

FullStory’s session replay isn’t a video, it’s a perfect reproduction of your site or app in action, meaning it renders beautifully on any size screen and you never miss a detail.


At Freshworks, we believe your business deserves better software - software that’s ready to go, easy to setup and use, and requires minimal customization. All of our products live up to this promise and are backed by our world-class support. And the best part is, you don’t have to break the bank to get them working.

Capture visitor action on your website and render user journey in real-time. Track every click, scroll, conversion, and drop-off and uncover insights that were never imagined.Capture your website visitors’ experience and identify where they get stuck, which sections are widely preferred, and the ones that are neglected.


Intuitively identify, troubleshoot and resolve customer issues with an easy-to-use solution which captures, indexes and visually replays the complete digital experience for every user in a movie-like interface, providing additional visual context to every transaction as part of a fully integrated DEM solution.

Session Replay provides the insights into user behavior that organizations require to create perfect user experiences, aligning business and IT with a singular view and source of digital truth.

Decibel Insight

Decibel Insight reveals exactly how users behave on websites and apps, making it easy for enterprise businesses to quantify and improve the customer experience across every digital touchpoint.

Powered by machine learning, our award-winning technology processes hundreds of revolutionary behavioral metrics – from mouse movements and device rotations, to pop-ups and errors – capturing an accurate picture of every user’s on-page experience.

CUX is an analytical tool that will show you in an attractive manner user flows on your website.

Using real time analysis and attractive data visualisation we will show decision makers that UX is not just something about colours and about making projects longer, but it’s actually about designing an excellent experience that ultimately generates more money.
CUX records up to 100% visits, no retention time. Watch them any time you need.

Crazy Egg

Since 2005, Crazy Egg has helped hundreds of thousands of website owners pay attention to every website visitor, so they can get the most out of every website visit. With access to 5 different types of heatmaps, a visitor recordings/session replay tool, A/B testing, and surveys, you have the complete package to transform your business by improving your user experience.

With Crazy Egg Recordings, you can watch your users click, scroll, and navigate just as if you were standing right beside them. The added benefit is you're not breathing down their necks.


With ConverTiger you can see video recordings of what users do on your website. Spot roadblocks for your users - Fix the money-leaking issues - Convert them into happy customers. You need 0 money and less than a minute to start.


Contentsquare is a digital experience analytics platform (DXP) that helps you to optimize your customer journeys and conversion rates.

Get clear and thorough insight into an entire user session, with every interaction your site visitors engage in. Here you’ll find their every mouse movement, scroll, hover and action. You’ll never have to waste time scouring hordes of user sessions, just the most important. Watch as aggregated data and macro-level visualizations present vital customer journey behaviors, such as unusual click recurrence on certain page elements and high bounce rates on product pages.


Improve digital customer experience and increase conversion rates with our suite of website heatmaps, conversion funnels, session playback and form analytics.

Watch replays of your users’ browsing sessions to visualize exactly what they’re seeing and doing on your site. Desktop or mobile – everything is captured, enabling proactive, strategic optimizations based on actual user behavior patterns.


Capturly is focusing on the main driving forces: conversion and retention. We provide all the required data for you simply and intelligibly to make the best business decisions possible.

Watch and analyze recordings of how your visitors are using your website. Find out which features and contents are grabbing their attention. It’s your first step towards conversion rate optimization! Capturly’s session recording also supports checkout, dynamic-content, and members-only pages. Session replay will show you what single numbers can’t. This is the ultimate way to eliminate the guesswork.

CanvasFlip (aquired)

CanvasFlip was acquired by Freshworks Inc.


BugReplay is a bug reporting and feedback tool. Our software records a full resolution screencast of user actions synced with JavaScript logs, network traffic, and environmental data.

Everything you need to diagnose & fix problems with web applications. Save time with better bug reports.


Browsee's Crowd Animation, Session Replays, Heatmaps help you visualize what your users like in your product and how they use it.

Our AI-based tagging will help you watch sessions that matter and understand what users love and what problems they face.

Breakout Room

Breakout Room lets you record and replay every user interaction. Swipes, taps and even app crashes.

See where users are struggling in your app by replaying user sessions and analyzing every tap, gesture and interaction. Analyze your user experience by filtering sessions based on device type, session length, user events and dozens of other data points.
Breakout Room integrates with Crashlytics and lets you replay every event leading to a crash.


Auryc’s visual intelligence platform empowers organizations to create exceptional customer journeys and increase revenue.

Auryc auto-captures client-side events for customers and visitors – a high fidelity record of user engagement including 100% of clicks, views, scrolls, swipes, searches and feedback. Our journey intelligence platform lets you develop a shared, holistic and journey-centric understanding of your users’ lifetime behavior – qualitatively and quantitatively.


Asayer lets you understand what users do on your website, helping you reproduce bugs, automate tests and ship exceptional software.

Forget screenshots, Asayer captures a perfect recording of everything your users do, so that you can see how they interact with your web app, and how they experience problems.

Appsee (aquired)

Appsee is a mobile app analytics platform that offers you powerful, qualitative analytics tools that enable you to track and optimize the UX in your app.

Appsee's user recordings allow you to see your app through your user's eyes. They supply you with powerful user feedback on your app's UX and a complete picture of your user journeys. Appsee’s User Recordings analyze users on the single-user level and record all taps, swipes, and actions. Plus, with advanced, remote configuration capabilities, you can choose exactly which sessions will be video-recorded. By watching user recordings of real- time user sessions, you’ll have a clear, visual representation of what is “working” for your mobile app and what isn’t.

AB Tasty

AB Tasty is a customer experience optimization company. We help brands build better user experiences and unlock new levels of possibilities, faster.

Fret no more over an unbearable amount of figures as you try to make sense of your collected data and simply visualize the interactions your users have with your site. Your users navigation sessions will speak for themselves. You see every click, every movement of the mouse, every form that has been completed or not…

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